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Parking Meter People and The Fines They Give

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Gotta love those parking meter people, they’re a special breed.

Only one type of person would hind behind a tree limb, under a car, behind a bush, etc … specifically to get a yellow envelope on your car as soon as you finish locking the door.

Besides the tax guy and lawyer in your local area, they might just be the most hated person in you community.


Because every time they see you the smile, say “Hi!”, and act like your best best friend just to take you off guard, right before firing off your newest parking fine.


Well, I was in the local coffee shop today, when the lady and her daughter in front of me were complaining about a $5 parking fine because they didn’t have a quarter to put in the meter.

Now, I park in Pittsburgh when I go there, so to me $5 is a bargain – but in a smaller community that can be a big deal.  Fines aren’t the best way to bring customers back to the local stores. Now, you can’t expect much from very small economically hard hit communities, but you can expect a little from the more upper class ones on this issues.

This is the 20th century, so instead of a fine, you might consider:

Getting out of the ice age and installed something other than coin op meters – even some of the financially strapped communities have those.

At least install change machines … very few people carry cash, especially quarters – and no ATM dispenses change – AND the chances of someone getting change at a store before you tag their car is NIL.

Give the people 10 minutes before you tag them.  If you have coin op machines and they don’t come to your community that much, give the patrons time to find quarters for your machines.

If you have lots of local stores, drop the fine if the spend over $50 at your community’s stores.  Use the fine to punish the people that are parking negligently, but use the fine as tool to promote sales for those actually bringing income into your community.

Or better yet, just install something that takes credit cards and save everyone the heartache.


PS – Above are common sense ideas on how to solve the parking fine issue … which means the will never happen.

  1. your wife
    February 20, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    I believe some of the lots around there do take credit cards now, but still, they’re deterring people from visiting if they fine them within a second after they park. Would also be helpful if they told you on the meter that Saturday’s are still free before you dump your hard earned quarters in the meter on a Saturday because you’re not sure if the promotion is still on.

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