Schools raising wimps

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This snow storm being the exception (this REALLY was a big one), but otherwise the schools taking days off and consecutive two hours delays too much is just raising wimps.

That’s right … along with the schools not educating well because they just want the kiddies “to feel good about themselves” they are now raising wimps by taking them out of the hardships of getting to school.

Before this storm, The Quaker Valley School district (Blue Ribbon Schools, my @$#@) took a snow day.  That was a day when there was so little snow I could have shoveled my walk with a table spoon.

When I went to elementary and high school, we walked to and from school daily in the winter.  The amount of snow that is now on the sidewalks and ground was the norm for that time (early to late 80s).  We didn’t have any problems, no broken legs, and none of us died from any diseases that we caught from being out in the cold. Even the wimpiest kids from that time was WAY tougher than the toughest kids the schools are producing now.

None of them can take anything … and that’s seen as they are coming into the workplace – part of the reason why some of our jobs are going off-shore.  It’s not all corporate greed.

Get the kids a little tough – they’ll last longer, get sick less, and at least be somewhat useful after they get out of school.  They aren’t porcelain dolls and won’t shatter if they hit the ground a few times.

  • Knowledge is 33.3% of the product of a school
  • Learning how to apply that knowledge is another 33.3%%
  • American Toughness  so the kid doesn’t cry every five minutes after getting out of high school is another 33.3%

You take out the toughness, you take out the ability to use the other two parts of the pie you learned in school.

Geez …


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