The CLUB Pittsburgh

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Capture from The CLUB Pittsburgh’s web advert, please click it to go there. The CLUB Pittsburgh (you’ve probably seen their billboards along the roadside (with my friend Michael Joseph’s mug on it).

The C.L.U.B. is a God-Centered alternative to the typical nightlife out there.  Keep in mind SWB doesn’t cut on the typical night life, simply because it pays my bills and provides food on the table (granted we word higher end places now that don’t have the typical hole in the wall bar problems) – but we do want to point out that the club is an excellent alternative if you want to get out of the night life.

I know what many people will say … great another hyped up Christian coffeehouse that skimps on everything because having actual fun might be too much of a temptation in life.

Nope … from talking to MJ at IMMJ Productions … this is the real deal.  Real DJ’s, real bands, real gear, real club stuff, and no skimping. The only difference is that it is done for God … not the green stuff (or the drinking, or the drugs, etc).

The grand opening is on February 20th, 2010 … yep, soon.

The address (if you don’t catch it on the rotating flash adds) is 3035 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15214 and you can Click Here to request more info from them.

Check it out, and give it a chance.  Very few times to we get something good starting in Pittsburgh that is real, genuine, and has the potential to last.  Support the The CLUB Pittsburgh …

BTW … Huge Huge Huge KUDOS for all that are putting this together!!!


PS – nothing lasts unless you support it ….

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