Ranting on Small Town America

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Shame on small town America.

Why?  Click Here to read this article as seen on Yahoo! from the Associated Press.

Then read on.

OK, Read it?  If not, go back and actually read the article.

For those than refuse, here is the summary:

A family moved from the high paced, crime ridden life of Miami (and yes, I know all of Miami is not that bad) to Hazelton, and small town in North Dakota. They did this because the small town advertised some perks to move, build, and develop there for both persons and businesses.

The family took up on both.

But shortly after their arrival, the family was basically shunned by the community that really didn’t want new people, and threatened by another business owner. They were also determined to be drug dealers because they own a Lexus and jewelry.

Doesn’t sound like small town America, right? … you know the Happy Days small town American you always hear of – good welcoming folks bringing welcome baskets to a new neighbors house.

I bet when you read that article too, it sounds familiar, because you’ve probably seen it happen in your own town – especially in a place like Pittsburgh, and the surrounding areas.

That’s extremely sad, because basically you send a message to new people moving into your community that sounds something like this, “Welcome new neighbors, here is our documentation on how we cut our grass, speak, breath, crap, and play … follow those to the tee, or leave now.  Even though we want your money, we really despise anything new that could change or better our lives.”

Sounds a little drastic, right?

Let’s see here …. the people moving in were opening a new coffee shop, or store, or starting a new manufacturing company which would have provided better paying jobs and quality of life for you … and above is the way they get greeted?

Sounds even more drastic now, doesn’t it?

Makes you wander why people in America are not seeing small town America as the land of dreams, but the land of pre-determined discrimination, crushed hopes, and a total lack of grace.

Would you want to live hear?

Small town American needs to wake up, as it truly is the bread and butter of this country (not the big box companies and most believe), but if it keeps on shooting itself in the feet, it isn’t going to have toes, ankles, or legs to walk on – and the sad thing is, that is actually happening.

Got news for small town America – the old eventually dies, and if the new haven’t been allowed to move in, your whole town eventually goes bye-bye.


PS – Where did my America go???  You know, the one my Grandfather fled Hitler and Nazi Germany for?

To small town America goes a double sized “king of the clueless” trophy.  No open minds shown here, only closed opportunities.

  1. June 27, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Thanks for the show of support for the outsiders in every small town America. I am a one man army against this prejudice and descrimination in my small town…not getting very far very fast but if I can change one attitude…


  2. Freedom, by the way
    February 12, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    You just need a stiffer lip, perhaps? My mom used to have sign in her kitchen “In a small town you’re no longer a stranger after 10 minutes but you’re still a newcomer after 10 years.” I’ve lived in small towns and larger, anonymous cities. It is difficult arriving as a newbie in a small town. But make the effort to fit in a bit. I think you’ll find not everyone is clannish, these days.

    • March 4, 2011 at 8:18 pm

      No, I don’t think it’s a case of needing a stiffer upper lip, although that sign in your Mom’s kitchen holds a great deal of truth. There’s an elitist clique that’s integrated with our government officials, they ostracize, sabotage and run people out of business and out of town. I think they should make the effort to get along with people and do a little old fashioned give and take. Most of the town has disassociated themselves from the community and the rest fear retribution if they speak out or get involved. But you’re right, not everyone is clannish, there’s some really good people living here.

      One would think that every new taxpayer lessens the burden, they should be welcomed and valued.

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