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Weekend Days and discrimination

February 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Remember when weekend days were normal?

I mean they actually happened ON weekend days?

K … don’t get it yet?

Years ago (and this may be before you were born), the weekend meant Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Businesses were even closed on Sundays (forcing you to spend time and actually have to cook for your family).

Now, the weekend is whatever days someone gets of consecutively (if that’s possible anymore).  My weekend days fluctuate between either Mon-Tues, or Tues-Wed.

Anyone care? No?

Well, you should.

Because you have to take your weekends when you can get ’em, you basically give up all of the perks the other “normal” people get (the sales, attending the cool events, getting out of cooking for your “loved ones”, etc).  Look at this new reality closely – it means you are discriminated against simply because you have to work special times to support other people’s needs and greeds.

So, on your behalf, SWB is starting up a new special interest group (everyone else has one, so why shouldn’t we??) … P.A.W.D. – People Against Weekend Discrimination.  We plan on recruiting quite a few local, regional, and national politicians and lobbyists on this one.  Needless special interest groups tend to get the highest APC (active politician count), so we figure the special interest group we are creating is dumb enough to get more of them.

Ya in with us, dudes and dudettes??


PS – This is politically stupid enough to actually take hold, don’t ya think?

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