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The Swiss Conspiracy and how today’s movies suck

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After a day of running through the city finding the step-brat new pairs of shoes (not one, but two.  Our choice, not because she whined until we bought two pairs, but both me and her mother clearly understand how long they will last) we are finally crashing in our finished garage watching The Swiss Conspiracy from 1976 while mom and daughter are playing Scrabble.

Ok … so I’m the only one watching The Swiss Conspiracy.


Because it’s a classic movie with enough substance in the writing and cinematics that you can actually enjoy it … and being from 1976, it’s still popular.

The are very few writers and directors skilled enough these days to capture something on film that is really worth taking in.  It’s sad that today’s filmmakers almost totally rely on special effects to make a movie – even the “chick flicks” aren’t that moving.

I mean there are exceptions to the rule … like Sofia Coppola, or Martin Scorsese.

Oh well, I’ll keep watching my old DVD’s while wallowing in my dreams of good movies being created again …


PS – this is our movie rant for the month – as lame as it may be.

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