Car Driving Idiots ‘n At

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know we are all familiar with the senseless car driving zombies that somehow bribed the DMV to give them a driver’s license (because that can be the only possibly way they got one … you can’t get ’em in Cracker Jack boxes any more).

Well, myself and approximately fifteen other car drivers (or at least that is how many I could count in my rear view mirror) met one that took top spot for Darwin Award runners up.  I say that because the ticked off guy about three cars back that got out of his car to walk down and deal with the idiot made the likes of Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura, etc look like whiny wimps. I figured the guy holding us up wouldn’t have made it past one light tap.

Anyway … I assume the gent in front of me, based on his young looks, was one of our highly college educated persons, since this happened at the end of Craig Street near Kiva Han. This is a little scary, because these will be the types running the future companies … although, screwing up any worse than the current batch of corporate geniuses did lately will take level of thought and work that this idiot didn’t appear to have.

Here’s what happened (this is a rambling rant, by the way) ….

The horseless carriage driving specimen that housed an amoeba sized brain driving fast down South Craig street passed the only available parking spot.  His answer to get it was to sit, hold up all traffic on South Craig until we (the fifteen cars that I could see), would logistically figure out how to and move back two or three car lengths just so this little dunce cap wearing single celled dolt could get his spot.  This lasted two lights … that’s when the genetic improvement on the pro wrestling heroes of the 80’s got out of his car and started walking towards idiot dude.

I don’t know if the sight of a human with visible strength to inflict large amounts of bodily damage (and lengthy pain) or the fact that I hadn’t let my hand off my horn inspired this guy to move, but it was a good choice.

VERY FEW things justify road rage … except the wrong answer to a question asked of the PA DMV:  Why the @$#@$ did you give that #%$#%# a license????


PS – Whew! …. OK, I feel better now.

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