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Blogging About Bloggers

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

To get completely off base from the title of the post …. you need to Click Here to check out PittGirl’s post on The Parking Chair – and take it to heart!

OKzies … SWB started about four years ago along with thousands of other blogs (our writing is still as crappy as it was back in 2006 when we started, and we’re quite proud of our stability in providing low quality journalism).  Most of those thousands of other bloggers are probably dunking fries at your local McDippy’s (they thought they were going to make $$$ in advertising revenue).  People running blogs like SWB, PittGirl, Pittsburgh’s Future, Have A Good Sandwich, etc are still around.  None of us made millions, some lost their jobs due to what they wrote, but we all kept pluggin’ because we love what we do. Sounds like an old time journalist, doesn’t it?

That’s the difference between a blogger and someone that occupies a slightly used WordPress account.

Since blogging started and was considered a “cute” hobby, bloggers have in some cases now become more reliable and respected that some of their commercial comparatives, and simply a better read.  You no longer are limited to reading the black and white words of “expertly trained journalists” that you have to pay for.  Those words in quotes are laced with sarcasm.

So, if you start a blog, don’t just try it for a few weeks, keep it up … for all you know, even with your sad level of spelling and poor grammar you might actually document history like some of the bloggers from places like Cuba and China who sometimes take chances on their own lives just to get out the un-spun reality that is happening around them to the world.

Then again …

If you recognize yourself as a completely senseless babbling idiot … just stay away from computers and the internet all together.  Maybe it’s best you don’t know blogs exist.


PS – If you feel this posting has any journalistic value at all, please go back to school.

  1. February 12, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    I like a little sarcasm in blogs – I didn’t realize how interesting and funny some are. I have recently started one and intend to keep it up – since I always have a lot to say on something or other.

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