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Pittsburgh Street Conditions, part XXIXXV

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We seem to be almost through this.  I drove my wife to work today due to the fact I did not trust the summer style all season factory tires still on her car.  All the main highways, etc seem to be very good.  Oakland is still a mess – especially Craig St.  Expect the undercarriage of your car to take a hit.

Up to this point I’ll defend that the city did it’s best in an extremely overwhelming situation (less the super-bowl call offs – sorry, those guys just need to be fired, plain and simple). The city needs to hire less wimpy workers, because it makes the ones that doee bust their butts look bad (along with making them have to take much heat from the residents).

Why did the streets remain bad in some main areas?  Simple – companies refused to allow everyone but a skeleton crew to stay home.  Since I worked in the city for major corporations, I know their attitude is to get their people to work so they can milk every last dime of work out of them.  Helping the city make a difficult situation better, and the safety of their workers is of no concern to them, only the bottom line.

Pittsburgh needs to get out of the “keep them stupid and keep them there”, “milk them till their dry” management attitudes.  Why do you think after we have people here are while, the leave after discovering how things are run in the companies in this city? Because people outside of Pittsburgh know their value, and don’t take that attitude from the companies they work for.

This was very apparent when companies called in or failed to call off their workers (I even know ones that could work fully remote that were called in “because that was the fair thing to do”) when the Mayor strongly asked people to stay off the roads and companies to keep as many people at home as possible.

In critical situations, the companies that make up the city and the government need to work together, no matter how much they hate each other.  This time I saw the city making and effort, but the companies in it basically giving the Mayor the typical American salute.


PS – Sad, just sad.

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