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Review: Trico Flex wiper blades

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

You know if I’m reviewing something like wiper blades, it’s either because I thought they were the best things on earth, or thought they were complete crap.

Guess which reason it is this time?

Bought the Trico Flex blades because Advance Auto recommended them for all season operation, especially non-collection of snow and ice during the winter.  Click Here to see the model I purchased.

We replaced all of the wipers on both of our cars with this model (totalling around $45).  Not cheap for wipers.

Here is what I found so far:

Two of the four had the pins that connected the clip to the wiper break, both coming off while running the blades just to clear off salt from the windshield.

If there is ANY little amount of dirt, salt, etc all these blades do is spread it around, they clean the dirt off very slowly if at all (in other words, by the time your windshield is clean you’ve already met fate with another car or telephone poll).

When I returned one at Advance Auto in Ambridge (they did return one, at least) I was greeted with a typical redneck “lets mess with this city guy” look. I was told up front they would “allow” the return of the wiper “this time“, but due to the ice and snow they would not allow any more.  Ummm ….. you sold me these because they were support to be one of the better all season and winter blades.

Final say:

These blades collected more ice and snow than normal standard discount blades.  They did not clear your windows in a timely fashion (or even close to discount blades), and broke multiple times during operation causing a safety hazard. The plastic used in the clip for attaching the blade is very low quality and appears to become very brittle with the least bit of cold.

Your choice to buy then, but I’d avoid it.

Also avoid the Ambridge Advance Auto … the customer service and attitude towards customers is sub-par.


PS – if these were cheap blades I bought somewhere like Big Lots, I would have no room to complain, but these were supposed to be a higher quality product … in other words, this is what happens when you outsource most of America’s products.

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