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Making a Snow Day a “Community-cation”

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, you’ve got the kid or kids for the third or fifth day in a row and as much as you love those little tots, you realize you love you hair just as much (which you are now missing due to pulling it out).

The biggest thing since the economy started going splat (leaving remnants around that looked like a financial cluster bomb), was the “day-cation” or the “stay-cation “.  Actually the day-cation has been around for a long time, it’s just another fancy term for “day trip”.

The stay-cation, on the other hand doesn’t make any sense, since the real goal of a vacation or any time is to either get rid of “those people” or to at least occupy them enough to get some peace yourself. The stay-cation just doesn’t even come close.

Another perk of the nose-driving, ground-bouncing economy is that people started spending a little more locally since the started realizing that paying a few cents more for something that is in walking distance from their house, actually does cost less than driving to the nearest Wally World to get it cheaper. It’s a common sense thing, but as always with humans, it takes them a little time to “get it”.

Why not spend on day a month or every couple of months combining a day-cation with local community spending.  That’s what we did today, since it was ok to get out a bit, but dangerous enough to go to far.  We live near Sewickley, which has many (but dwindling) local stores.  So we figured what better to do than get out of the house (or we were going to kill each other … and maybe a few pets in the process), and at the same time spend a few bucks at the local stores that needed it. Sewickley is and affluent place, but like ant small business … nobody is rich when the economy sucks.

Luckily there are enough things to do for both kids and adults within enough closeness to each store you can do your own thing.  We went to Crazy Mocha to get some coffee and hot chocolate, play on the ‘puters for a while, and get a snack.  After a bit, we took my step-daughter next door to Fun Buy The Pound where you can buy play time by the hour, giving me and my wife a little down time to enjoy some blog writing and a little reading with our coffee, etc.  When a few hours had passed we reclaimed our carbon based small human and went to Pizza Roma for dinner.  This took up a total of at least half the day, let the kids have a little fun, and let us adults regain our sanity and composure – and it helped the businesses in our community.


PS – Add comments on things you did that added a little fun to a normally messed up “snow crisis” to avoid making it a “family crisis”.

BTW – “Fun Buy The Pound” can now be found in SWB Recommends.

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