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The reality of reality

* What’s makes this post “Breaking!” ??

Well, nothing really – we just haven’t used the article icon in a while and didn’t want it to feel left out.

* If there anything at all “breaking” about this post?

Well, my wife did change her status on Facebook  to “being tired of reality shows”. I guess that’s breaking news.

* Any point?

Yup, I replied to it with this: “I guess I should have told you about the web cams, and internet feeds in the house for NBC … I hope the lifetime supplies of free Sham Wows is worth it.”

* I got this back:

“Sham wows!!!????!!!! You’re on the couch tonight Mister!!”

* Why am I writing this?

Because I’m trying to figure out if my wife is seeing the Sham Wow guy on the side.  Other than that … this article has no use but to generate totally worthless babble.

You need that in a blog sometimes.


PS – If you gained anything mentally useful from this post, please go back to reading comic books … it’s obviously a much safer place for you.

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