Lindsey Vonn and the unclear picture

Just when I thought there wasn’t something to rant about … I end up being so … so …. w-r-o-n-g:

It’s “here we go again”  time.

Lindsey Vonn, is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, as you can see in this article featured on Yahoo! and One Sport Voice. The complaint is the typical one:  She is not being presented as a woman athlete, but as a typical objectified woman. I’m going to take an all out, really rude, in your face guess here that is she wasn’t good looking, and ambitious (which adds to her good looks) nobody would be complaining.

That was pretty rude, but it’s making you think about things, right?

Look at the other cover examples they had in the article showing women on SI:  A female basketball player (can’t remember her name – sorry), and Beyonce’. Now, the basketball player is definitely NOT in a sexualized, objectified position, but Beyonce’ is.

Here is the reality …. Beyonce’ most likely wants to be in that position on a cover, because it sells her records and makes her tons of money. I don’t agree with Beyonce’ sporting that position on a cover, because it does teach young girls that they can use sex to get a paycheck. ‘Nuff said on that.

I’m sorry, but Lindey is definitely not in a sexualized, objectified position …she’s in a position you would be in going downhill on skis. I’ve been friends with skiers and ski instructers all of my life. I look at her and say to myself “would I want my step-daughter photographed as a skier in that position?” My answer is “yes”.  What is wrong with being photographed in a skiing position that is meant to gain you speed and keep you stable enough to keep you from becoming part of a tree?  Nothing.

Trying to get that shot live on the slopes in full 100% ski dress would be difficult and also with Lindsey trying to concentrate on the camera, it gives a chance for accidents to happen, taking our champion out of the Olympics.

The only time her picture becomes sexualized and she becomes objectified in that picture like the one Lindsey is in, is when a person or an article suggests that … other than that – that is a proper skiing position.

So, for there groups that think Lindsey Vonn is in a secualized, objectified position in the SI cover for the 2010 Olympics … there ARE self-esteem classes for you.

What would you rather have … Lindsey standing proper in a puritan dress holding her skis??

I do heavily agree that SI needs to show female athletes in a way that doesn’t make them look like they just came of the strip club pole, but enough is enough …. Lindey’s pose was perfectly fine and not demeaning to her in any way, so …

Get over it, and get a life.

In honor of trying to get a good point across, One Sport Voice gets an honorary Clueless Trophy.  We’re not giving a full one, because we understand where they want to go with this, but … there is being critical and then there is being Critical.

Our point: Making everything about a woman athlete as being objectified and sexualized, takes away from what she has really accomplished as a role model to younger women.  Doing this presents an unclear and confused picture to young women on how they should view and feel about themselves.


PS – Other than the venting ….. we say “Go Lindsey Go ….. get us some gold!!”

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