Something to rant about

Well, yinz haven’t seen a Rant Files from me in a while.  As you all know I’ve been fairly busy, and really haven’t had much time to get irritated enough by anything (with exception of maybe family … and it doesn’t matter how “Ozzie and Harrie” your family is, they irritate you at some point … “family” includes pets ‘n things too). Don’t worry – I’m not on “Happy Pills” either.

OK, let’s see, what can we rant about?

* Can I copy Pittgirl and rant about the pigeons in Market Square? … nope – because Market Square ain’t there right now.

* Can I whine about the fact that my Comcast “High Speed” internet connection is now operating at dial up speeds?  Why bother … some things you just learn to expect from Comcast.  Considering they’re still not as screwed up as FiOS, I’ll live with the temporary problem.

* Can I vent about the fact that the Pittsburgh Free WiFi I’m on right now is slower than the dial-up speed of my current Comcast connection at home? Well, maybe I shouldn’t because it’s free … but, I think we have a winner:

Free internet service was supposed to be a draw back to the city.  Great idea, but ….

If it takes longer to bring up a page of something like the City Paper on your computer than it does to just go find a printed copy of the City Paper, locate the page, and read it … the draw kind of looses it’s “umpf”.

The two hour limit for free is annoying enough, but understandable … if you are going to be able to bring up more than ten pages on your laptop or netbook during the time you are on.  Hey, if the service works good, I may actually be inspired to pay the $5 for the day to use it while I’m here – but if it stays as slow as I’m experiencing now … the chances of the City getting extra money from me (or other users for that matter) are pretty slim.

This seems to be par for a service that the City of Pittsburgh would provide … “it’s needed, so let’s do it … but not too well or the residents will expect quality ALL of the time.” This brings back memories of a blog past written on the hole going over to the stadiums … same attitude.

Oh well, Pittsburghers wished and asked for free outdoor internet, and we got it.  Maybe we should have been a little more specific about it actually working well. Lesson leaned.


PS – It’s 15 minutes after writing the blog, and the internet connections has finally caught up to my typing.  I guess it’s time to publish …

  1. ComcatsMark
    February 3, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Sorry to learn about the slow connections with your Comcast service. I work for Comcast and I would like to help in getting this resolved for you. Please let us know the phone number on the account so that we can look into the problem.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations,com

    • SWB
      February 4, 2010 at 2:05 pm

      The nice folks at Comcast replied to SWB’s comment about slow service, so I’m up for clarifying the situation to be fair. The speed is up to par (it was checked with a few speed test sites, including – but the returns on the DNS requests we very slow (that’s the thing that tells your PC where the web page or information actually is on some other computer in the world).

      Take notice the that we didn’t get any response from Verizion that we felt their service was still more of a hassle than Comcast’s. I know this, because I’ve been in enough friend’s house’s trying to figure out what FiOS put in place.

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