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Review: Serendipity Bistro (NorthSide Pittsburgh)

Logo banner for Serendipity Bistro captured from their site, click on it to go there.

If you are familiar with Tusca Global Tapas in SouthSide Works, you are familiar the quality of the culinary presentation, dining experience, and professionalism of the staff that you will experience at Serendipity.

When you walk into the establishment (it’s the historic James Street Tavern) and see the original bar, you immediately imagine a sophisticated crowd standing in front of it waiting for a sharp dressed bartender to effortlessly slide drafts down the length of the bar to the customers.  The next thing you mind brings to life is the sound of wailing sax rifts coming from the jazz trio playing below in the Speakeasy. Then the aroma of the food hits you…

You turn to your date and declare what you already see in their eyes … “we’re stayin’ a while.”

Serendipity serves what is considered “Hip American Cuisine”, so if you are expecting a “Tusca 2”, that’s not it … but it’s the same owners and some of the original staff from Tusca, so as I said, the quality is hot.  So is the atmosphere.

The main room you walk into has a great original bar, booths, and a dining area with a wood floor that would make a great dance area.  All original wood, I believe.  The Speakeasy, below that is an amazing room that you immediately imagine as a small jazz club.  The atmosphere, bar, stage, and acoustics are were created perfectly for small performances.  If they start them there, it will be the place to be.  I can easily see the better jazz, soul, and funk bands lining up to play there in the years to come.  There is also an upper room that I haven’t had the chance to see yet that I understand will be used for banquets, etc.

With a great menu, good selection of beers, and a nice wine list … take a jump over to the North Side and take in Serendipty – I guarantee you will come back.


Food ….. 4.5

Service ….. 5

Atmosphere ….. 4.5 (you don’t want to leave)

Overall ….. 4.5


PS – Being in the ever becoming more popular historic North Side, Serendipity has the potential to end up on the “jet set traveler’s” map of Pittsburgh … so go now, while you can still get in.

Disclaimer:  I do occasional sound work for Tusca / Serendipity, so if you feel my review is biased, so be it … but keep this in mind:  If the owner thought my work was poor, she wouldn’t hold back telling me (in a nice way, of course) – so if their establishment was poor, I’d be just as honest (using nice caring words, of course).

BTW – Serendipity Bistro is now listed in SWB Recommends!

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