The new Apple iPad and not enough stuff

This is where SWB goes ….”huh????”

People are complaining that there isn’t enough “stuff” on the new Apple iPad.  Remember, this is years after people complained about so much useless crap being loaded on a PC that they had a problem fitting two pics of their kids on the hard drive. Which is one of the noted reasons people started migrating over to Apple (besides iLife and the iPod).

Yahoo! has an excellent article on the new iPad, click here to check it out.

BTW … Apparently the PC people are still loading tons of useless garbage, because it took three hours to uninstall all of it that was on the Acer AspireOne that I purchased to do stage lighting control development.  That’s not a reflection on the computer itself … I find the Acer AspireOne to be one of the most solid netbooks available (event if I could only get Microsoft on it). The new units the N450 cpu are even better.  Keep your eye on Acer .

Here is my main issue with people complaining about the iPad not having enough: They are turning into tech hypocrites. The same people that complained about having too many useless apps are now complaining about not enough apps.

Now, try to think this out (I know it takes a little bit ‘o brain power … but give it a shot anyway):

Would you rather have?:

  1. A Newly released unit that is loaded with a ton of crap apps you will never use – leaving no space for any apps you actually want to load, you paying $$$ for the apps you actually want, and never using the apps that you have.  Believe me, you paid for everything installed on that computer whether you wanted it or not … so wouldn’t you rather have ones that you can actually use?
  2. -or- A computer with a decent or limited amount of apps that you may use and additional apps that will come later in product updates after the company gets feedback on how it’s users will actually use the product.  Remember – no matter how much research goes on, when you have a new ground breaking, life and work style changing unit appear like the iPad, nobody knows what users will actually do with it.

So, to the techno hypocrites SWB Awards the much desired “Clueless Trophy”. Have a little patience kiddies, and you’ll probably get what you want.

If not, get a kitten … it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside while you’re sitting on your couch texting complaints about the new iPad to your friends.


PS — Geez ….. get over it and make up your minds!

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