Donations for Haiti

Just in case someone comes across SWB (considering I haven’t had time to post in a while), where is a good link for donating to the BRESMA Orphanage in Haiti. They will need it:

That’s Church has been keeping some updates on the orphans, etc … Click Here to go there.

Now, Haiti is a very volatile are right now, so donations are needed just to be able to get supplies in. You are looking at an area that had a 6.1 aftershock just below the surface of the earth. This compares to an earthquake of a much higher rating that happens lower in the earth as they normally do – so Haiti’s aftershocks can be quite more damaging

then let’s say one in California. The earthquakes in Haiti are also moving differently than in other spots on the planet, making things even worse.

I have also heard people mumbling “why would you live in such a dangerous are?” This sentiment comes from seeing people that have money rebuilding back in harms way in places like California. That doesn’t even remotely apply in a place like Haiti … where you are so poor that having a pair of shoes can
compare to having a Porshe in the U.S.

So, a request from us at SWB – skip your Latte’s for a week and donate to the orphanage – you have no idea how much you may buy them. Considering that Jamie and Ali McMutrie give a huge portion of their lives to these kids … you can give a few up a few latte’s. Right now I’m out off work and I’ll donate at least a little bit – so I’m not asking anyone to do any more than I am.


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