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That’s Church – Pitt Girl if you missed her

thatschurchcaptureCapture from That’s Church … click it to go there.

Well, we’re a bit late on giving a shout out to Pitt Girl’s (Virginia Montanez) new site. Hopefully you’ve already found it, but if you have not, or are new to Pittsburgh – click on the picture above.

It’s great that Pitt Girl is “out” …. not in the way you think, but the fact that she no longer has the need to hide behind an identity. This gives both men and women the inspiration to do what they love – without fear (heavy kudos to Pitt Girl for this). That is what this country and city are supposed to be about.

Although SWB has created an identity, it was never to “hide” but to facilitate the possibility of multiple authors at some point. If you look around enough, you can easily identify me by looking at that other sites on my blog.

We’ve been a little slow lately (we’ll get back at some point) due to job searching, being buried under the wires of a sound systems we maintain for a church (yep, we go to church … scared now?), and of course being at Tusca every Friday night (we’re your friendly neighborhood DJ … and, no, I don’t DJ contemporary Christian music at Tusca).

So please keep on checking out thatschurch.com and us and keep giving people reasons to do what they love … not just what generates $$$$$.


PS – Do what you love … even if it’s just venting.

That’s Church is the first recommended Pittsburgh read to be listed under SWB Recommends!

  1. October 29, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Thank you! I’m flattered. 🙂

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