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They’re back …….

soutsidefallpic1… who?

The terminator?

The Back Street Boys?

Kanye West’s career?

Nope …. none of the above.

The leaves … those wonderful leaves we all so treasure when the seasons change?

Yep, that’s it.

Unfortunately, this year they also brought the G-20, protesters, and construction debris.

So what do we have to rake up this season?

As far as SWB can tell:

  • Opie’s popcorn in the media room at Snoop Dogg’s house
  • Shards of glass within the normal level of street litter in Oakland
  • and rubber from the wrecks caused by PennDot construction this fall.

What does this do?

Well, it brings new people to the city (either those that experienced the city for the first time during the G-20, or just like to see it during the seasonal changes), it adds safety to our streets (less the over-turned cars trying to avoid the road workers), and gets voices heard (even if you don’t agree with them).

This brings both good and bad points. The more we become an international city, the more we have to learn. The more of a variety of people that populate Pittsburgh, the more of a chance of both the good and bad things from other countries taking root here (anything from fresh baklava to terrorism). In some way, America and Pittsburgh has always found a way to find the good in things – at least the American people do (native and adopted).

Another thing that is back and can only bring pure happiness to the masses:

You guessed it …. Zombie movies.

Zombieland starts this week (Oct 2) ….. totally brainless, and fictional zombie fun almost pulled straight from the first Dawn of The Dead eras.

See … just when you thought everything was turning negative – a Zombie movie comes out to save the day.

Two things to remember about Pittsburgh:

  1. This city was pretty much international from the beginning (so deal with it)
  2. Romero really introduced zombie movies to the masses from this city (so deal with that too)


PS – Did anyone see my mascara?? I need it for the movie opening tomorrow night …. crap.

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