The Kanye Effect

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

swbtherantfilesQ. How do you put a scar on the music industry (and probably young inner-city artists trying to make it)?

A. You let Kanye West within 5 miles of any music awards show.

If you missed his latest self – P.R. effort, Click Here for the Yahoo! article.

At this point, if Kanye says he doesn’t need some serious professional help, that’s about equivalent to a mom driver her child to daycare while sucking down a bottle of grain alcohol.

The dumbest person on earth could easily figure out that an outburst like the one Kaney did at the MTV awards against someone perceived as Taylor Swift is (the innocent, sweet country girl) is pretty much a music career killer. When you look at it, he even tainted Beyonce with dropping her name during his rant.

Beyonce, being the professional person she is, invited Taylor back on stage to complete her acceptance speech.

So, in the end …..

cluelesstrophyClueless Award to Kanye and Kudos to Beyonce.


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