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hbcaptureCapture from Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh’s site – click to go there.

Now … to the truly important stuff!

Yep – it’s nearing that time of the year for Oktoberfest, and according to HB’s latest ad and events listing – it’s going to be a two weekend thing. Check the link for the event details.

To help you out … here are a few tidbits of advice from someone that has grown up with brew and the cuisine:

  • First, and most important – German beer is WAY more potent that American beer (no matter what the menu says) … even when brewed here. Think of a pint as equaling half a case. Chugging German brewed beer usually ends up in you meeting an ambulance that doesn’t have a tap installed in it.
  • Second – Don’t lecture a true German on the finer points of Iron City beer (even though it is our hometown brew and loved by many) as they tend to consider it **** water – and may openly tell you that.
  • Third – Pretzels and bier cheese, pretzels and bier cheese, pretzels and bier cheese ……
  • Fourth – If you are taking the wife and kids and are planning on getting drunk enough to stare at the staff in the traditional dresses, making lewd comments in front of your family … wear a helmet and make sure your lawyer’s retainer is paid up.
  • Fifth – Pretzels and bier cheese, pretzels and bier cheese, pretzels and bier cheese ……
  • Sixth – You don’t hold the pint mug by the handle … you put your hand through the handle, grab the pint, and the back of your hand rests on the handle.
  • Seventh – Even though HB was nice enough to produce a “light” beer for the American consumers, please refrain from talking about it – light beer is not real beer.
  • Eighth – If this is the first time you are drinking German beer and usually drink light beers, your friends will get a kick out of the three shades of green you will probably turn after the first gulp. This is not a bad thing … it’s just the German beer getting the American beer toxins out of your blood stream and only lasts a few minutes.
  • Nineth – Burping five times during each 16 ounces is an American tradition … try to avoid doing it in a German bier hall.
  • Tenth – That number for a cab is your key to not killing someone or spending time in jail. Don’t drive if you were dumb enough to chug Dunkel.

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh is found in SWB Recommends!


PS – No … all of that beer in her arms is not just for you!

  1. September 9, 2009 at 2:09 am

    Great review on the Hofbrauhaus in the Southside Works! I was just down there about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Would you mind posting a review about it on my Pittsburgh Review Website http://www.RatingSearch.com? Thanks!

    • SWB
      September 10, 2009 at 1:49 pm


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