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Results of an “instant” society

sbwnewsitemOur of respect for the families, we’re not going to go into too much detail nor finger pointing in this post, since the issues is too fresh. We’ll let the professional news media do that, since they really have no ethics or morals anyway …

If you are not familiar, there was a shooting at a fitness center in Collier Township last night. A distraught man that had just been dumped by his girlfriend (and probably rightly so), shot of 50 rounds, killed 4 people, and injured about 9. You can read the details from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the link above.

The man that did that was in the industry I just got out of (not by my choice – but thankfully I’m out of it) – Information Technology. It’s ironic that right after I do post on “Office Space” being a documentary about the Information Technology life, a slightly “crazy” (lot’s of sarcasm there) decides to show the other extreme result of my industry. I’ve spent years watching coworkers health deteriorate to the point of having heart attacks and strokes, observed their marriages and families be destroyed, and on a daily basis have seen the evolution of a wonderful person turn into someone that could possibly kill without remorse.

All because we want to make sure that internet or web service can return our info faster than we can possibly read or comprehend it.

Beside the fact that the I.T. industry is full of college grads with no actual experience managing everything cluelessly (stressing out everyone below them with actual working knowledge) – everyone in that industry is expected to push themselves was farther mentally than most military special forces personnel can even endure. They are expected to blow off their families and become one with the machine – or else. The else is usually the export of your job to someone tat does it for 75% less n a developing country.

Yup – I’m thinking (although the guy that did the shooting was probably allot “off” in the first place), the industry I just spent the last 25 years in probably had 70% influence in his decision to hate and kill women. The breakup from his girlfriends was just the pin that let out te pent up frustrations.

I thank God every day I’m not doing that for my career anymore, and I feel sorry for the people that have too.

Maybe if we would be willing to wait that extra day for the latest Britney Spears CD to arrive in the mail, instead of pushing workers past their breaking points by working then 24 hours a day … we would have slightly better society?


PS – Welcome to the “new world” – simply because nobody wants to lift a finger to change it. Maybe Apple can create a “change world” app for the iPhone.

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