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“Office Space” as a documentary

swbtwitterIf you are not familiar with it, Office Space is the defacto standard comedy about office life (or more specifically, life in Information Technology).

Well, try living it.

Although the company I worked for didn’t burn down, I was let go due to lack of work. Basically I am now helping work on an addition to a house, doing odds and ends technical work, and enjoying the outside – which is where I am mostly working. Just like “Office Space“.

Does not being in a cube every day waiting for at least four people to tell me I did something wrong make me happier?

You Bet!

… and yes, TPS Reports do exist for real! They may look different at your office, but one thing is the same across all the versions – once you spend all the time filling them out … nobody ever reads them. Go figure.

So the “career change” has commenced a little sooner than I expected, but for the better. With everyone hosed up in cubes or over 10 hours day now, it’s amazing that people even have to wonder why vitamin D deficiency and life threatening stress is an issue. It’s also amazing any families still exist.

So, “Office Space” to me is now a documentary, not a comedy poking fun at life. It’s amazing how a movie made years ago so accurately predicts how life has evolved to current times.


PS – You forgot to fill out your TPS Report.

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