A Strange Light

swbtwitterAnother poetic creation from SWB:

A Strange Light


A strange light did flash in front of my eyes,

I had cut with my shovel into an electric line of quite some size.


A blue glow embraced my vibrating head,

Making me yearn for a few aspirin and my bed.


The sky started spinning with all it’s might,

Obviously controlled by that amazingly strange light.


I started to fly at an amazing rate,

My friends running behind me as if for a meeting they were late.


Looking forward, I came crashing into moving colors of orange, red, and yellow,

And from deep inside me a scream that seemed more like a bellow.


The EMT looked at me and muttered, “what and idiotic little ditz”,

“For a while his brain will be on the fritz.”


My trusty shovel thrown on he ground now melted and burnt to crisp,

My mind tossed and feeling now lighter than a little wisp.


PS – Another useless poem with absolutely no meaning brought to you by Screaming Weasel. If you have wasted 3 minutes or more reading this, we thank you. If you spent any time actually pondering it ….. that just scares us.

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