Making the country look unfashionable

swbtherantfiles… How dare he???

The President, I mean.

Does he realize he is destroying to confidence that other countries have in us be being unfashionable at a baseball game???

We’re hurting enough self esteem wise from the Bushies ….. can’t he just give us a break???

Click Here for the article on our rant about Obama’s mis-fashion from Yahoo! and Mike Krumboltz.

From reading our posts you probably figured out (with a raised eyebrow), we’re being a slight bit sarcastic … even though this issues deserves are greater amount of blunt sarcasm.

For those a little dean in the head – “yo …. people …. his pants don’t matter!”

Are people serious??? … we have an economy going south (maybe coming back slightly north), countries that want to nuke each other, crops being destroyed by fungus, and other slightly more major issues going in on the planet – and the only thing people can notice is that the President is wearing a pair of jeans the HE likes, and he really doesn’t care if anyone else likes them.

Ummmm ….. anyone out there actually want to come back into reality??? (without tuning into a major TV network Tuesday night t 8pm??)


PS – I hope he wears a tutu to the next press conference … just to tick off the fashion police.

Geez … he’s got country to run (and rescue at this point), folks.

  1. July 25, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    It’s HAMMER time! It’s ok to wear baggy persian pantaloons anywhere. Except on the pitcher’s mound!
    How come he’s wearing a White Sox jacket, and he lived in Chicago, but he went to Cominski Field to watch baseball? Must be a communist community organzier from Russia he knew. I know Comiskey Field. Cominski Field and mother in law’s jeans?

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