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The Earth as part of our infrastructure

sbwnewsitemQuoting from The Pittsburgh City Paper:

“…. Millennials don’t necessarily view the environment as a partisan or idealogical issue. To them it’s an infrastructure problem, like wanting the New Orleans levees fixed.”

Click Here to check out the article by David S Bernstein of The Pittsburgh City Paper.

The article is actually about how the Republican party is shooting themselves in the foot (and head, and chest, and knee caps …. you get the idea) by ignoring the environmental issues, thus removing them from the Millennial’s radar. Bingo …. and as usual with the RNC, they don’t really care.

OK, on to the real issue. The Millennials are right. The environment is a huge infrastructure issue – the air we breath is slightly important, and is the planet gets up to baking temps, we have a much bigger issue. The environment feeds every aspect of life. Being honest, some environmentalists without good scientific skills did do some damage to the legitimate groups by “freaking out” and over-stating things. That doesn’t nix that fact that we have a growing issue. Granted, some of it is cyclical and natural, but man is starting to kick start non-natural issues into gear. We need to stop or reverse that.

Here is my view: If we can make a rover to last 90 days on Mars and it ends up lasting over 4 years functioning well ….. we definitely have the technology for fully solar and electric cars to go mainstream – we just don’t want to kill the oil industry in a night. Look at diesel-electric trains – how long have they been around? Look at houses in California and Nevada that are completely off the grid. We have the technology.

Unfortunately we also have the politics.

At some point, the politics and other agendas will have to be put side – or we won’t be alive on this earth to have anything to be political about.


PS – Plant a tree and breath. Use a CFL bulb and breath better.

Kudos to The City Paper for a great article on how a political party can get clueless to the point that when the are standing on ground that melts their shoes … they still don’t get it.

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