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Hating God – Doing It The Right Way

swbtherantfilesCatchy title, right?

Well, this is a rant file, but a discussion also (feel free to weigh in with comments … appropriate comments only, please – anything against WordPress TOS will be immediately deleted). This blog is based on a true recent situation, so names, ages, times, places will be changed as one person involved is a minor, etc. Detailed descriptions of the situation will also not be given.

I’m a decent person (not perfect), I believe in God (probably not as strongly as I need to), I do my best to respect other’s beliefs (even if I do not agree with them – but that doesn’t mean I accept their beliefs), and I also do my best to not shove my beliefs down other people’s throats (which in the end makes people hate what you believe in). Unfortunately those are not standards others hold themselves too. Here is the story:

In the church I occasionally attend one of the music team’s band members brought a child from their family to church (mainly because he had to play – no other motives). Even if you don’t believe in God, churches are generally safe places for children to be. The child was close to the age of 8, and actually enjoyed the service with the family. She had heard about God previously -it’s hard not to, and due to the service that she enjoyed which included her dancing, actually listening to the whole service (kid’s that age just don’t do that) she decided she wanted to be baptized, and take communion, etc. She had experienced God’s love and decided she wanted to love Him back. She also wanted to take a mug home from the church because she wanted her parents to believe in God too. They are atheists. They don’t believe a God exists. It is a free country, and everyone is free to believe how they wish.

When it comes down to it, the child was simply treated in the church as a child should be – with respect and caring. If you are treated nicely like that how would you not want to be part of an organization like a church and want to to believe in God. Nobody coerced her or even told her that her parents were wrong in what they believe.

Here is the sad part. When the child went home, he father gave her (from what I understand) a very abusive tongue lashing about believing in God to the point where she was crying at the end of the conversation and saying something close to “I’m sorry Daddy for believing in God, but I can’t help it.” Thus comes the title “Hating God – Doing It The Right Way”. Personally, to me there is no way to “Hate God the right way” … but abusing your child because you hate anything is extreme and unacceptable.

Now, as I said, everyone has freedom of religion – or freedom on non-religion which allows you to teach your children the way you want and let them make their own decisions based on your teachings when they are adults. Unfortunately, the father of the child mentioned here doesn’t understand that the the freedom he has does not also give him the right to be verbally and mentally abusive to his child due to something you hate or not believe in. That is no different than any other form of child abuse.

Normally I do not ask for people to pray in my blog – but this time I am asking you to do that (or as least keep the child in your thoughts). If the father is willing to be that abusive to the child because she simply went to a church with family member – he will probably be willing to be much more abusive to the child through out her lifetime.

One pastor said something to me one time that made much sense – Atheists are the strongest believers in God, simply because how can you hate something so much that you believe doesn’t exist or you believe can’t exist? If it doesn’t exist, it’s of absolutely of no threat to you.

cluelesstrophyTherefore, we award the lastest “Clueless” Trophy to the father of the child mentioned in this blog posting. It’s sad that a father has to unleash his anger on a child because he is too much of a coward to unleash it on an adult that could actually fight back.


PS – No matter what a human believes in, they deserve respect from others (granted there are some majorly extreme cases that are exceptions to that rule).

  1. August 12, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Although this is a sad situation, I can’t help but only see you being biased. Why is it okay for people to force god IN their child’s life, but not OUT?

    • SWB
      August 12, 2009 at 10:04 pm

      Actually that is a good question. I’m I biased in my beliefs … yes (not in an aggressive way against anyone).
      Personally, I do not believe that forcing anything into a child’s life that includes the use of abusive treatment as part of that force is right. That is what the article is actually about – it’s not about stating whose beliefs are correct.
      Abusive treatment should never be part of a child’s life – for any reason.
      Children should be guided, never forced into or out of anything. People truly forcing God into the children’s lives sometimes do as much damage as those not guiding their children on what they already believe, and at the same time allowing them to discover things on their own.

      BTW – thank you for being considerate in they way you asked/stated the question.

  2. sandgrain
    September 26, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I was mad at God yesterday and called him a liar!

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