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Time for some complete incoherent babble

coolstuff“Complete and incoherent babble” is cool stuff???


And very useful on top of that.

Think about it.

Here are some situations to enlighten y’all ….

  1. You are sitting in a local coffee shop, when a neighbor walks in and automatically sits down without asking (this is annoying, considering you probably went to the coffee shop to get away from them), and starts a continuous babble about her “cute” kids. Now, I have nothing against kids … but I have enough sense to know when people want quiet time. This is where complete and incoherent babble comes in. Learn a little bit about electronic, graphics, etc and then start explaining in detail how her cute kids pictures flow through a multi-layer computer processor. Your neighbor will grab an extra muffin just as an excuse to get away from you and immediately leave the coffee shop. You now have your quiet time back. See … cool stuff.
  2. Now for the second situation, you have to be a little more on the truly incoherent side. We’ll use a non commissioned electronics store as an example. We won’t mention names (B.B.) … but I’m sure that little hint will help. You go into these stores just to get the new Britney Spears cd (we are assuming you are about 14), and get continually hounded in each department for someone to help you – making the trip to the new Britney cd take four times longer than necessary. If you are near a convenient department like the plasma or lcd TVs, you could say something like “Flag burnings would look really cool on that fifty inch widescreen” to the salesman as he proceeds to get closer to you. Now, you don’t have anything against flag burnings, but most people try to stay away from conspiracy theory nuts … and mentioning flag burning is an indication you may be one of those nuts. Mention some other babble about still loving Sesame Street too. At that point, the plasma TV salesman will alert all other salespeople to watch you and just let you proceed on quietly until you leave … getting you to your new Britney CD much faster. Nothing sounds more like incoherent babble than a 14 to 25 year old talking about flag burning and Sesame Street in the same verbal paragraph.

Those are just two simple examples … but dream some up on your own (keep away from mentioning terrorists and bombs – they aren’t funny anymore), and you too will see how “complete and incoherent babble” can truly be “cool stuff”.


PS – If you lack the common sense to not know we were kidding about mentioning flag burning in a B.B. store … please seek professional help.

  1. July 9, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    that’s when you need a “fake” cellphone call — works every time

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