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Parental Capability Testing

swbtherantfilesAlright … at this point I think we need to seriously consider doing some type of “Parental Capability Testing” before we allow certain human being to procreate or even handle children.

Click Here to read an article on The Pittsburgh Channel’s website as reported by Janelle Hall.

I’m not saying that we should do like some other countries and limit the amount or sex of the children being born, but merely test the want to be parents to make sure they are going to treat their future children to a complete life of hell.

This parent left her young child, supposedly alone with her 15 y.o. brother (who wasn’t there either) in a house with no utilities, etc and completely uninhabitable. The child was so scared at one point she was screaming out the window for help.  A neighbor stepped in an called the police.  Considering we are hearing about stories like this in a regular basis … some action needs taken.  Obviously families have stopped teaching the basics and common sense of humane treatment of children to their children.



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