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The Michael Jackson Effect

swbtwitterBefore you going on thinking this is a tribute article, and that I’m a sobbing MJ fan … it’s not, and I’m not.

I do recognize MJ as one of the few artists that had enough true talent (not “Amercan Idol” talent) to really change an industry. There is much we can learn from MJ’s situation, as here are many not famous that experience the same.

  • MJ’s parents never really allowed him to be a child, and the music industry did not either. If you ever see a child experiencing life like that, treat that child and their parents to a day at an amusement park … you may change all their lives just by letting them see the lighter side of things.
  • He also got everything he wanted, just because of who he was. Sometimes “no” is the best thing a person can hear – especially if “yes” can potentially involve loss of life.
  • Trust and respect out of direct family and with the general masses is something MJ may have been at a loss on also. Although he had the respect of many, he probably could not trust many to like him for who he was inside, not who he was as n entertainer. He may have only been respected when he was who people wanted him to be. Be the person that likes a person for who they are, you may be just what they need to have a little faith in themselves.
  • MJ may have had everyone saying what he wanted to hear. Be the person that knows how to give people a chance to talking about their issues, but sensitively be able to give your opinion so they can have some valid information to make life decisions from.

Simply … be a friend that someone can trust and talk to. Yes, occasionally you will get burnt, but more so, you will see results that will make you smile.


PS – learn from the good points the MJ had, not the spin that everyone puts on an entertainer. learn about your neighbors from what you discover, not from the gossip around town.

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