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Cat’s Call … he needs to think

swbtherantfiles… and SWB’s Call is that maybe Cat needs to read her own stuff.

Click Here to read the article we are speaking of.

SB thinks Cat’s response to the article s that of a typical man hater.  Sorry Cat, but we call it as it is.

In the article the man speaks about thinking of cheating because the sex has fizzled in his marriage.  He has obviously tried a little and obviously discussed things with his wife (more then most men have the sense to do), but Cat, in her response, accused him of doing nothing.

Now I’m taking a wild guess that if it was the woman complaining, Cat would gladly respond by telling the reader to get a new guy that will complete her needs.

Cat also mentioned that the wedding vows didn’t include a sex pact …..not legally, but, when you get married you become one and your duties include meeting each other’s needs within reason.  If sex is part of that need, it is not to be ignored, not even for children.  Sex is part of a healthy marriage, just as much as the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts.  If the marriage is not healthy, neither will be the children.

To the guy thinking about cheating ….. if you are thinking about anyone else other than your wife you are cheating already.  Cheating is not an answer, and never should be in a marriage.  To the wife ….. if you are ignoring your husband, eventually he will ignore you, and your marriage will be no more – and you both will probably destroy your children mentally.

Cat … your advice on cheating is correct, but going at it from the aspect that only the guy needs to do something is incorrect, as both parties need to deal with their issues equally.

To the guy in the article again ….. if you married your wife because of great sex, you need a serious attitude change.  That’s not what marriage was made for.

Unbiased advice, please Cat … if not, you will destroy more marriages than cheating husbands possibly can.


  1. July 8, 2009 at 11:06 am

    That is true. There is no excuses, both for husband to cheat and for wife to ignore. Both have their responsibility and roles.

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