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Review: The 4th and Family Fun – Four Great Parks

fireworksIt’s that time of the year for the summer memories to start – and that may be a little harder this year. It’s getting closer to the 4th weekend and with the economy, everyone is going back to the family parks and avoiding the big-box parks like Disney. even Kennywood is going past the ticket price for most Pittsburghers.

There are a few cool parks out there, three in PA (one struggling and could use the business) and one up in New York that I’d like to mention.

  • The first one is Waldameer Park in Erie, PA – There are many perks to this park: Free Parking, Free Entry, Very Reasonable ride all day tickets, separate ride tickets, good prices on food …. and it’s right next to the Lake Erie beaches and Sarah’s and Sally’s. It’s a very cool, traditional, family picnic park with a great new wooden rollercoaster.
  • The second one is Lakemont Park (where I’ll probably end up for the 4th of July). Lakemont is another park opened in 1894 with a a great trolley park history. The deals here are amazing ($9.95 ride and slide all day ticket), on the 4th, I believe is $5 all day, etc. The other promotions they do make it well worth the 2.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh.
  • The third one in PA is Conneaut Lake Park – Conneaut was once the place I spend every weekend at. Now, and since 1992 it has been struggling hard. That doesn’t mean don’t go there – but go there, volunteer to get some work done, and tell the management you want it the way it was. You can be park of reviving a park that can give families years of great vacations. The town of Conneaut is a wonderful visit also with a well established winery, great antiques store (say ‘Hi” to Bernie if you go there), and of course food and and abundance of weekend yard sales.
  • The last one, not in PA, but in Grand Island, NY is Martin’s Fantasy Island. Martin’s isn’t the only attraction. If you don’t know, Grand Island, NY sits right in the middle of the Niagara river … 15 minutes from the American side of Niagara falls. You are on an island with some very scenic bike trails, boating, fishing spots, riverside hotels (many pet friendly), and a short distance from the falls. It’s easy to make a week vacation on Grand Island. The four hour drive is well worth it. You’ll spend half the price here for a week family vacation, and still be able to make everyone in the family happy.


PS – Big box is great ….. but ma and pa have the hot sausage sandwiches everyone loves (along with grandmas sitting on benchs with extra ride tickets).

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