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Only In Pittsburgh – the sad side

swbtherantfiles“Only In Pittsburgh” is a statement we usually say here when taking pride in something (well, maybe except the potholes). Occasionally, though, it’s said when something happens that is so stupid that it’s sad.

Click Here for one of those situations reported by WPXI Pittsburgh yesterday.

cluelesstrophyNow, maybe I am thinking wrong these days … but when I was young beating your girlfriend’s cat and threatening to burn it alive was an extreme act of cowardice, not control. This guy, Christopher Bialecki did it to the point where the cat’s tail had cartilage showing and the girl had to get a PFA out on him. I think we need to send these types of men for a full year of Marine boot camp to set them straight. Yep, you guessed it – Chris gets a clueless trophy to cherish for being an idiot (at least until he is proven not guilty).

As reported by WPXI, the girl turned the cat over to Animal Friends, so would you consider Clicking Here and making a donation to them? After that, if you see Mr. Chris walking on the street, please nicely explain to him how Pittsburgh men are supposed to treat their women and the pets they own – the rest of us would like to not be disgraced by one single person of the male gender.


PS – Even weasels have more common sense than Mr. Bialecki …. that’s sad.

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