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Review: Pamela’s P&G Diner – Lincoln Diner Millvale

PGBigI’m sure you have all heard of Pamela’s Diner or the P&G diner lately due to all the news about the owners cooking for President Obama. Click Here for a Post-Gazette article by Moriah Belingit.

Another thing you may not be familiar with it that Pamela’s has multiple locations. The one heard about is on the news is in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Some of the others are Millvale, Oakland, etc. Our favorite is Millvale.


The main thing, actually is the service – you can’t beat it. You don’t wait, there is no attitude. I have never once been at Pamela’s (or otherwise known as the Lincoln Diner) where the service hasn’t gone completely smooth. The food always comes out steaming hot, and not greasy at all by diner standards.

The Lincoln Diner is a little different, in that you also walk into a 50s style Pharmacy. Do you remember walking in and seeing a little candy sections, along with kids toys in the neighborhood pharmacy when you were younger? All of that is a Pamela’s Lincoln Diner. If you want to take a step back in time, go there.

All of the other Pamela’s locations provide great service and food, SWB just finds the Millvale location to be the most unique. BTW … if you are looking for a unique furniture store, Jerry Kitman’s is right next to The Lincoln Diner. There is a great hobby shop across the street for the kids. And, of course, for the vinyl record lover – one block down from The Lincoln Diner is Attic Records.

Pamela’s P&G Lincoln Diner is now listed in SWB Recommends.

If you get a chance, also check out the town of Millvale, PA.


PS – Yes, the hotcakes really are to die for – this is the first time we had them, because we ordered everything else but that when we visited 🙂

BTW – Millvale is slightly up from The Strip District on the bike trails, if you don’t want to wait in line fore on the weekends at the Strip District location.

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