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CP’s Mon-Monkeys – Pittsburgh’s Water Fun

pondpic1You gotta love when you post a worthless blog article like we did this morning with A Song Of Days. We have so much more faith in the intelligence of our readers when they don”t read those articles … or at least not right away.  Curiosity, unfortunately, yields a great deal of mind-control power.

OK, on to the article we discovered in The Pittsburgh City Paper. It’s titled “Enter The Wonderful World of Amazing Live Mon-Monkeys“.  In the printed version, it’s actually a pull-out section summer guide which includes the article “Taking A Dive” linked above.  The cover reminds me of the sea monkeys we used to grow as kids, and the article reminds Pittsburghers of the many water based activities and sights available.  Check it out.  Considering Pittsburgh is one of the few places you can Kayak down the river to take a tour of the sewage plant, makes us kind of cool.  Smelly, but cool.

People forget we have great things in the surrounding areas like Raccoon Park, the Downtown fountains, Kayaking in the rivers, the pond at Schenley, and of course our favorite – Alcosan. The article does a great job of going over the features of each, so read it when you get a chance – then go visit.  You can vacation, keep your money local, and keep your travel bill down.  So, skim the Mon and have some water-fun in Pittsburgh.


PS – Weasels hang out at the river – if you want to be cool, you should too.

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