The Elitists vs The Common

swbtherantfilesNormally I love to handle all of the rant on this blog personally, but Charlie Reese (I believe formerly of the Orlando Sentinel) does it so much better when speaking of the 545 people that really control things in comparison to the 300 million that should (you know, the idea of governing by the people for the people).

When you read this article, don’t read it just as a rant, or a complaint about our government, or a blurb about a conspiracy theory. Instead, let it make you think. You may want to run for office personally after reading it.

Click Here for the reprint of the article as seen on SodaHead.


PS – Somehow the surreality of this article by Charlie Reese seems to enhance the article we just posted on insanity. Hmmmmmm ……..

  1. sandysays1
    May 21, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Constitutional Convention anyone?

    (updated comment to link to Wiki definition) – SWB

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