Motorcycles, Cars, Scooters, and Potholes

sbwfyiserious… which can also be titled “Motorcycling In Pittsburgh”.

I’m mostly a car rider (and pedal biker) these days … not because I don’t like motorcycles or don’t think that they are safe, but mainly because I can’t really afford the third vehicle. I’ve ridden a Ninja, Harley Davidson (which I think is the safest bike you can get), Hondas, etc – so I’m not the ignorant blogger posting advice, I see it from both perspectives.

When I leaned to ride, I was taught by a few old timers – guys that were anything from ex-“gang” bikers to the general Joe that liked to ride on a nice summer day. They were all different in life and lifestyle, but the funny thing is, they all gave me very similar advice (even before the laws were changed for some issues concerning motorcycle riders):

  • That helmet – it looks really un-cool, but it’s smart. The freedom to not wear it should be yours, but wearing it is still smart.
  • You are under the same rules of the road that cars are. Just because you can pass someone in the same lane that they are in at 4 times the acceleration of a car doesn’t justify you blaming them for hitting you after you do that, because you did it in a way that even the most alert driver wouldn’t have noticed you. Common sense can save your life. Save the tricks for the moto-cross track.
  • If you expect someone to share the road with you, make sure you share it with them.
  • Road rage in a car is dangerous. Road rage on a bike is suicide. Think before you blow up.
  • Respect the road, respect your bike, and respect everyone else – that will eliminate any problems you may possibly have.

Now as far as advice for car drivers, I think Kimberlee Love (the managing editor of Cafe Racer Magazine), a guest writer with the column Pittsburgh Rides that Scott Mervis runs in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did it perfect. Click Here to check out her article.


PS – I’d like to have a bike that goes “Vroom …. Vroom”, but I think if I ever get something with two wheels, my wife will make sure it goes “nee ne ne ne ne …… neeeeeeee … sputter.”

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