Insanity, The Lost Eden

swbtwitterAs an insane person, the last thing you need to wake up to this morning is those “normal” people making fun of your “condition”.

Am I Right?? Let’s have a big “whoop whoop” here!

I mean, granted, there are a few that give a bad name to insanity (you know the people that hurt or kill others and use insanity as their excuse), but in general insanity is not a bad thing – it really is the Lost Eden.

“How?”, do you say?

Well, think about it. Here are some reasons:

  • Insane people regularly speak to their invisible friends that alway stay by their side and respond back kindly. If they don’t respond back kindly, they aren’t your true invisible friends.
  • Insane people generally produce great artwork, sometimes replicating the visions they see in their mind.
  • If you are insane, you can live in and visit the Garden of Eden any time you want. Wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers all of the time?
  • There is less stress in your life – no strokes, heart attacks or high blood pressure – like those “normal” folks.

There are thousands of other reasons – we just don’t have the space to cover them all, but keep in mind that The Lost Eden is always at your finger tips:

  • When your boss yells at you, just let your mind permanently drift to that garden of posies.
  • When your Microsoft(r) laptop crashes for the 155th time, let your mind enter those circuits and stay there.
  • When you’ve had it with the local grocery store being out of your favorite cereal for the third straight month (even though you haven’t asked them if it waas discontinued) … just let your mind float away.

See … that Lost Eden you are looking for is really there. It really is “The Lost Eden”.


PS – Occasionally we do a “mental spot check” for our readers. This is one of them. If any of this article makes sense to you, either seek professional help immediately or start reading Mad Magazine again.

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