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Food For Thought – Allegheny County Primary Elections

swbtwitterJust a quick note here, based on this article by Rich Lord of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Only a little (and I mean a very little) over 20% of the voters showed up for the primary elections in Allegheny County.  Voters, have for years complained about the sense of hopelessness about their vote meaning anything in this area.  SWB thinks this low of a turnout, especially with a very high profile competition between Revenstahl, Dowd, and Robinson for the Democratic party significantly highlights that issue.

Do you think if maybe the voters didn’t see things like the subway under the river they didn’t want going through just to get money for a project, and things like museums and parks being fought for by our politicians, instead of scheduled for dropping of funds and shutdown … people may actually show up at the voting booths?


PS – Food for thought that the politicians still won’t get …. but we pray for them anyway.

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