Your life, part of the screen

sbwnewsitemWe’re just going to to a quick highlight of an article by Allison Heinrichs of the Tribune-Review this morning. Click Here to check it out.

It’s about the exploding cyberworld around us. The article has a good section of interview with Robert Kraut of CMU and gives a little insight on who is really benefiting from this, who is getting caught off guard, and who is having difficulties with the “explosion” of online life.

It’s a great article to read, especially of you are one of those texting teens that can’t understand why Grandma, who is still learning to dial her cell phone, can’t keep up a day long texting conversation with you. It’s also great for those people wanting information to help understand where the digital world stops, and the digital addition begins. As “jack of all trades” article, it’s one of the better ones about the new expanding digital world.

Anyways, enjoy … Click Here if you missed the link that said Click Here up above.


PS – Weasels don’t text, we send our messages via aroma.

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