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The Ongoing SouthSide alchohol license debate

swbtwitterIf you of you are near or have heard of the SouthSide of Pittsburgh, you know it’s fairly well saturated with bars.  A piece of legislation was instituted keeping the amount of drink service establishments down.  The real purpose of this was basically to give the community a chance to review an application before it was issued to a new venue.  If the process would work correctly, it would keep responsible businesses (like restaurants service wine to compliment a meal) flourishing and irresponsible businesses (the ones that serve 50 cent drafts and 1 dollar shots) from expanding.

The problem is, at this point, no matter how legitimate and responsible the business is, they are being kept from opening if the quote for the block is already met.  Some do not think this is fair, either do we.  Personally, SWB wants to see the legitimate and responsible businesses grow and expanse, thus push the irresponsible ones our of the area.  This would be a controlled and fair way to attack the alcohol problem in the SouthSide of Pittsburgh.

Click Here for the SouthSide’s latest booze battle details from Rich Lord of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Please check out and take the following poll:


PS – We’re going to get our 50 cent drafts now, before our advice shuts all the hole in the wall shot and beer joints down.

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