TPM gets plagiarized

swbtherantfiles… and just when SWB though Monday was going to be slow, we stumbled across this article from NYC AP as it appeared on It’s about a well known New York Times columnist that plagiarized against the well known liberal blog Taking Points Memo.

Now, we know what you are thinking – shouldn’t that be the reverse? Normally? Nope, it’s the way it is. Maureen Dowd slightly modified a comment made by TPM (you can see it in the AP Article), and used it in her New York Times column. Working for the New York Times, don’t you think she would have been aware enough of the internet to figure that might be a bad idea. The excuse she gave is that she heard it from a friend that didn’t mention it was from a blog (so basically, she used someone else’s words anyway to make money and gave no credit). To make her feel a little batter about what she did, SWB will offer Maureen the first bobble-head SWB clueless award for her car dash. We hope she’ll appreciate it.

On the flip side of the issues – we wanted to offer The New York Times credit for giving PMT the originator of the word snippet credit for it. They are also going to publish a correction, etc.


PS – I’d like to get paid to rip people’s words off … but then again weasels don’t even step that low.

  1. May 18, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    you need to evolve to a lower life form to be a true journalist 🙂

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