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Rendell wants national gambling machine vendor

swbtherantfilesOne single national video and gambling machine supplier for places tht have liquor licenses.   What a great way to promote competition and fairness within our own nation.  Make sure only one person or business can make money on a type of product, effectively putting everyone else in that industry out of business.  Rendell must be taking queues off of Hugo Chavez.

This is probably the mist un-American thing I have ever heard Rendell suggest and the bigger reason he really needs to step down for ever suggesting such a thing in this country.  I don’t support gambling, but most importantly, as an American, I won’t support a nationally, or even regionally created monopoly.  We have enough of them already (cable, electric, most other utilities, etc).

Click Here for  reference article by Gary Rotstein of The Pittsburgh Pittsburgh-Post Gazette.


PS –  I would have tried to put some humor into thos post, but Rendell suggesting on national provider for anything is a joke itself.

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