Nancy Pelosi, Waterboarding Queen

swbtherantfilesNo,we’re not picking on Nancy – we needed a catchy title for the post.  We will pick on everyone fairly with this.

All over the news (Click Here for a good NY Daily News article) the hottest thing is that Pelosi knew about all of the EITs (enhanced interrogation techniques) debate. Pelosi fired at the CIA and Cheney (you know, the hunting friend shooting ex-vp … sorry, you lose my trust after you shoot your own friend) on the ever popular waterboarding techniques.  In it’s defense the CIA fired back that Pelosi knew about it.  Everyone else in the nation now wants Pelosi’s head on a silver platter because supposedly she knew, and did nothing about the issue.

Hindsight, go figure.

From the actions of the CIA to the politicians that did not take corrective steps immediately if they felt those actions were incorrect, everyone was wrong and to blame at some level.  So, what about just having some accountability at all levels and fixing the processes so actions we do not believe in are prevented from being used?

The answer? The use of hindsight and scapegoats are so much simpler for politicians.

The only statement SWB will make towards Pelosi is the fact that if a government agency says a process is approved (waterboarding, etc) – it is most likely is being used and has been used.  Our government has a history of this, and knowing that should have triggered Pelosi’s red-flag common sense. It didn’t, so she is doing some CYA by blaming others for not telling her, and they are doing CYA by saying she knew – whether by them or not.

Any chance of our politians moving on and fixing things that need to be fixed? No.  Right now Pelosi, The CIA, and Cheney are just too news worthy.

On the bright side, maybe the media will give negative reporting on the economy a little bit of a break long enough to give recovery a chance because of the Pelosi hype.


PS – Maybe if our politicians weren’t so hindsight based, our government would go back to the way the founding fathers intended it to be – better than what we ran away from. Our government needs to concentrate on being effective, not tabloid news worthy.

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