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Media Mayoral Debates – 2009 Pittsburgh Mayoral Race

050908sewerThe picture in this post is to give you, more or less, a visual of where the Pittsburgh Mayoral Elections are probably headed as the official debates in the media have started (this is a nice way to say “the mud slinging has now commenced”). It never fails. No matter how good the P.R. people, or how qualified the candidate … they all end up covered in excrement and we just vote for who smells the least (or had enough sense to carry a can of Lysol).

Luke, who SWB had higher hopes for in the beginning seems to have a pretty good P.R. firm working for him. It the election was based on decent, cool commercials, I might vote for him.

Carmen, we’re honestly not sure of, because there there just isn’t enough tabloid material on her to make up any pre-conceived notion on what she is about. Voters rely on tabloid material, not real stuff. Maybe that’s why the people seem to like Luke and Patrick more … they do good with that style of media.

Patrick is digging up some dead, but unsettled issues, like the Billboard Debate as seen here in an article by Rich Lord of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (BTW, the look on Dowd’s face is absolutely precious in that article). Although, the way the billboard got there may be wrong …. in most of the polls taken, the people of the city wanted it completed anyway. It really looks stupid now. So, if Patrick is successful in correct the wrongs done in local government on issues of that type, and can get the sign working – he may be the lead.

“Dok” Harris we like simply because he talked to us, and talks to the other small guys also. He may be the only one that may listen to the small, unheard masses in Pittsburgh. The other three didn’t bother to complete the list of questions we send, nor did they care to. Dok took the time immediately to do so.

Click Here to get to our page that includes all of the candidates sites.

Here are a couple of related polls, check ’em out:


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