SWB Mom’s Day Vacation

swbtherantfilesFolks, as a tribute to mothers everywhere, we took a break this weekend from heaving blogging (yes we meant “heaving” … you know, the kind that makes even your iPhone ill). SWB figured it would be better for your mums if you were actually talking to them at the dinner table as opposed to flipping through our newest rss streams on your iPhone. Moms tend to like attention during Mom’s Day weekend. If they noticed what you were reading you probably would have received an hour long lecture about what real literature is, anyway.

My mother passed away a long time ago, so I did get to do the typical take mom out thing. It did give me a chance to think about mothers – but as you know SWB like to be different – we decided to ponder on the qualities of other mothers. Not the nice, kind ones that may have raised you, but the ones that cut you off in traffic, act like drunk idiots during the movie you paid ten dollars to see, and the ones in big companies that rip off America.

These dolts did evolve in a small way on their own, but basically they had to be raised by some type of mother (snake, weasel, skunk). It could have been an unhappy mother, a mean mother, or maybe a drunk high mother. No, I’m not blaming all mothers for creating some of the useless and idiots, but a slight few of them had to play a part.

So, for all the celebrating we do for mothers that really tried hard to raise good children, shouldn’t a few that raised the really bad ones come forth and at least say “I’m sorry”? A little balance, please.


PS – Anyways … we’re back, and I’m sure we’ll get many flaming comments on this post.

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