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Jobless may go back to school without losing benefits

sbwfyiseriousWe just wanted to mention some comments and an article highlight that CII (Corporate Investigations Inc) posted on their blog. It’s about the possibility of jobless folks being able to go back to college without losing their benefits for retraining purposes. This actually makes sense (which is why we are hoping it will pan out). If you are jobless, and the field you are in has either been completely outsourced, or is just not necessary anymore, you have a problem. Unless you have acquired multiple skills over the years, you need retraining. that involves business school, or college – which usually means losing unemployment benefits as soon as you sign up (special situations acknowledged). Obama wishes to change that. Click Here for the comments and article highlight from CII.

Please note that CII is also listed under SWB Recommends.


PS – Give people an education and get them back to work (that makes so much sense it probably won’t work). Oh, yeah … I forgot, get them good at what they do, and then outsource it. With the last part tacked on, it makes sense now.

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