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Ford Retools The Industry For The Future

sbwnewsitemWhile two of the three American automotive biggies are bumbling around begging for cash from bailout packages, the third one that actually created the mass-produced auto industry in this country, Ford, may be the one to successfully recreate it.


Because they have enough sense to listen to what the industry wants – not to what the oil companies want them to sell to support a secondary industry.

Ford has announced (as seen in this article on KDKA and in CBS News Interactive) it will be retooling it’s old Michigan truck plant to make current in-demand compact and electric cars. Amazing … someone listened to something less than ten cylinders. During and after the retooling over three thousand jobs will be created, and maybe one good American brand car will also emerge.

Personally, I’ll admit to owning a Honda. That’s because after 200,000 miles, I’m still just changing oil and doing maintenance to their specs. When I owned an American car, I was a regular at auto parts stores … now I can’t remember where anything is in one. That is the kind of experience an American should have in an American car. That is what really makes you proud of a product made in your country by your fellow citizens. Maybe with the kind of listening capabilities Ford is showing towards it’s customers we will finally get to that experience.

Do you think there is a possibility the other two auto gurus (GM and Chrysler should consider taking some classes from Ford) may actually get it, too?


PS – We’re offering Ford a primary “Kudos” award for listening to it’s public and acknowledging they are smart enough to know what they want and also for Ford doing it’s best to recover on it’s own. Let’s see where they take it.

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