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Davis Avenue Bridge implosion day

coolstuffWhat job could be better than one where you wake up in the morning, put on your shoes, a blow things up?

Talk about stress relief.

It’s demolition day for the Davis Avenue Bridge, and looking at Jm Santoro’s picture in the article by John Schmitz of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says it all … “yep, playing with those firecrackers when I was eight definitely paid off …”

Jim Santoro works for Controlled Demolition, the company skilled at bringing down structures in a fashion that avoids harm to other structures around them. This is the kind of cool job (besides being a fireman) that you dreamed of when you were young. Actually, we’re pretty sure it’s one of the only jobs where you can legally blow things up without first going through boot camp and signing a contract with the military. In other words, we want to know where to apply :-).

Click Here for the Post-Gazette story, if you haven’t already clicked on the story link above, and fantasize about changing from your day job to your dream job.


PS – Although Controlled Demolition has an amazing track record, but since they are dropping a bridge next to residential area SWB thinks there may be some bets being placed in Vegas on how many home the bridge takes with it. We wish the best luck to the residents.

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