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Mayor Of Braddock – the tough lot

sbwnewsitemA long time ago, I worked in Braddock … right across from one of the known worst nuisance bars of it’s time. The area was plagued with crime, drugs, and everything else in between.  It was the type of place you knew only could get back into place with the help of a mayor with a tough skin.

Four years ago, in steps John Fetterman.

Tough (physically and mentally), Ivy League, and ambitious.

But now supposed issues internally with the Braddock council not agreeing with him, amongst other accusations, the tough may be gone in the next election. I don’t know all of the details but it seems that communications is more of the issue than the ability to govern.  True or not, with the shape that some areas of Braddock are still in, and with it’s potential so near the river … it may be wise to consider keeping the tough around a bit longer.

Click Here for a good, detailed reference article by Moriah Balingit of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


PS – We think this may be a little bit about him getting national coverage at a point where Braddock doesn’t look like the “place to be”.  People love attention when it’s in the “good times”, but not that much when a load of work still needs to be done.

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